It has been 234 days and counting since I started interning with Unilever, and it has been an experience filled with growth and creative challenges. As a globally renowned organisation, it is far from a traditional multinational corporation. It is agile, interconnected, digital savvy and offers every individual high levels of autonomy to pursue their quest for purpose.

Standing by the commitment to sustainability on reducing and reusing plastics in the Unilever Singapore Office

As a business undergraduate from Singapore Management University (SMU) majoring in Operations Management and Analytics, I embarked on my journey in Unilever with the Unilever Leadership Internship Programme (ULIP), a three months summer internship programme, followed by a Gen-Next Internship, a flexible…

By Marika Lindstrom, Head of Procurement Packaging

Marika at Unilever Singapore’s beach clean-up, 2019

I’m sometimes asked what gets me out of bed every morning and eager to get stuck into my work, and the answer for me is simple: my work is shaping a world that I want to live in. A world where companies and consumers alike look for ways to buy better, more sustainably and ultimately, less, especially when it comes to non-renewable materials. A world where livelihoods and our planet are enhanced by smarter procurement approaches. When I started my role as VP Unilever Procurement Packaging and Beauty & Personal Care in April…

Reflections from a workforce newbie by Valerie Lim, Unilever Future Leader

I will be honest — my first day in Unilever was filled with uncertainty and anxiety. One year on and I’ve completed my first stint with Unilever’s Global Procurement team, and I dare say that I’ve smashed my first week’s insecurities. Beyond that, I was given opportunities that I had thought were beyond a fresh graduate like myself, and achieved more than I thought I could.

These are my top 5 highlights a year into the Unilever Future Leaders’ Program (UFLP).

  1. Organising Unilever’s First Hackathon

Our first project as…

The Unilever Future Leaders’ League is an annual global business case competition for the best and brightest university students from all over the world. In Singapore, the local round is held in September, with the winners representing us in the Global finals held in London the following year. We are proud to empower future leaders to make a positive impact on the world!

Read on to find out what Yi Hua, Assistant Brand Manager — Sunlight and winner of the 2018 Future Leaders’ League (FLL) in Singapore has to share about her experience!

Unilever Future Leaders’ League Singapore 2018

I can still remember it as clear…

Observations from a millennial, social media junkie and corporate innovator

Ever since I started my first job with Unilever Foundry two years ago, my work experience has been somewhat unique from my peers. As the corporate innovation wing of Unilever, the Unilever Foundry places me at the exciting intersection of technology and entrepreneurship while maintaining the discipline and structure of an FMCG giant. Although I am still at the early stage of my career, I am privileged to be part of a forward-thinking organisation that gives me the opportunity to work with start-ups and brands operating at the forefront of…

Subscription Kitchens. New Menus ‘dropped’ like Hypebeast collabs. Your day’s meals and groceries in a neighborhood mobile van. Here’s a rundown of the changes that could redefine how we eat forever, from an insider’s POV.

‘The landscape is going to be forever changed. It’s going to be a whole new world.’ — David Chang, Momofuku

A few days ago, Momofuku announced that it would close restaurants in NYC and Washington D.C. This was an important moment not just for Momofuku Group, but a watershed moment of reflection for F&Bs. …


A hackathon is usually a competitive event where people work in groups on software or hardware projects, with the goal of creating a functioning product by the time the curtain comes down.

In my experience, beyond solution development, a hackathon also involves pitching the solution to a wider community and canvassing their support through:

1. Eliciting their interest in WHAT good might come out of it

2. Engaging their help by helping them understand WHY you need it

3. Establishing HOW they can help you improve the solution

The pitch is almost as important as the data…


Come and discover how you can join us in creating a better business, a better world, and a better you.

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